Thursday, December 2, 2010

I just wanted to let you know where you can find me online....

If you would like to host a catalog party, drop me a line at the below email with your mailing address:

The below link is to my personal consultant page.

The next link is to my redbubble page:

This is where I have some of my pictures up for sale.

This third link is where you can find articles I post writing for as the Tulsa Event Photography Examiner, Tahlequah Event Photography Examiner, and the Tulsa Food Examiner:

Please enjoy the links, and pass them along, to anyone you know that might be interested.

Thank You for your Time.

Welcome to Adsense and Amazon Associates

I just wanted to welcome Adsense and Amazon Associates. I have joined them to get this blog jumpin.
With the holidays coming and all those e-readers out, what e-reading cook wouldn't enjoy an e-cookbook. It saves on the paper, and all in one place.
Here are some great examples that are available for purchase in the e-cookbook category, through
(This first link is for a recipe reader)
Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Recipe Reader
Best eBook on How To Make Pizza - The Professional Pizza Guide: Make Pizzeria Pizza At HomeE-Cookbooks Barbecue Recipes

I know that I would like to go greener, by getting something like an e-reader or recipe reader, I just have too many paper books to count, and if I had something like this and could find my preferences, it would be great. I have to save though. But if you are able to put something like these on your wishlist. I would really like to see though somewhere down the line create one you could scan your stuff in your kitchen into, and that way you could have it already there.
I hope you enjoyed the sneak peek into the e-cookbook possibilities, keep you eyes peeled for plenty of posting of recipes, my family favorites, etc....It promises to be a blast.


I hope you will enjoy this blog. It promises to be interesting. I will be sharing what I come up with, for fair trials, what I come up with using Taste of Gourmet Products(as I am a Taste of Gourmet Consultant), and what I find for articles I do on am the Tulsa Event Photography Examiner, Tahlequah Event Photography Examiner, and the Tulsa Food Examiner).

I also hope to be able to share some of the photograph's I take, and links that go with the articles I type, and to the sites I am on.

So please enjoy, Tahlequah Tasty Tidbits !