Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Soapbox Moment for the month of July....

 I know most of you are tired of hearing about and seeing the postings for the online event I have going on currently.  Well I know  most everyone I have approached has thought it was a scam. To all the haters out there, I hate to be the one to burst your sarcastic and disbelieving bubble, but "It is not a scam!"  I do not do that kind of stuff. I am a person who sees a need and helps to try to fill it, especially when an organization that is just starting out and helps the community in such a great way. 

Pictured above is the Non-Profit Certificate of Incorporation for the group, for those who do not think they are serious about what they are doing. They are a New Upcoming Non-Profit in Tahlequah, that is doing great things to serve the community at large.
You can find them at: . You can find them on facebook at : .)

(Just because it is not a nationally recognized charity that the "Oklahoma Online Bazaar" is benefiting with it's efforts, does not mean they don't deserve recognition. So, the next time you think of charitable giving, think of starting on the local level, and give to a local non-profit, or taking part in an online event like the Bazaar. You can even have your own event, through virtual, just drop me a line at to get your event booked. $30 will get your event up through December 2012.)

When I approached most of the vendors, it is because I believe you promote or make quality product, that would be a great addition to the event.  I did not expect to or deserve to be put through the wringer, bashed, etc... For the ones that know me, or want to get to know me, they will find out I have a very good, gracious, and giving heart.  If it is wrong to have such a heart, then I am guilty of having a good, gracious,and giving heart.

My goal with the "Oklahoma Online Bazaar" event is to be able to make at least a $250 donation on behalf of the vendors of the event, outside of the donation widget, where people can make a donation, on the first page of the event.

Plus, this event can also get you a head start on your holiday shopping without battling the crowded parking lots and the crazies in the mall. In addition to the previously mentioned, you also get to deal directly with each vendor and their site, and have the chance to ask them questions under their  forum topics within the event. 

For those who would be interested in participating here is the info for review:

The decided vendor fee is: $10.00 to help cover the cost of the fee to Virtual Celebration.

The decided charity is: Pay It Forward Tahlequah.

1/2 of the vendor fees will be donated to this charity to help them with the great things they are doing in the community.

You can find them at:

You can find them on facebook at : .

I don't know if anyone would be interested, but I am  still trying to put together a virtual event, that will feature direct sales and handmade items.

Here is the idea:

I have an idea ladies and gentleman(if there are any on here). I am putting together a virtual event, where direct sales representatives, and handmade products could be represented equally.

I have had some interest expressed. Would any of you be interested in doing something like that, with part of the fee going to charity?

What we would do would be, each of the 50 vendors would set up a page with a brief bio, and product info, testimonies, etc... and then invite their friends, families, and client base, through the invite friends link , within the event, and remind those people to invite their inner circles, etc... no matter where they live.

So, if any of you are interested, drop me a line by e-mailing me at (The fee will get this event up through December 2012, and if we have more than 50 interested, we can open up a second event to accommodate. )

It will be open to the first 25 handmade product vendors, and the first 25 direct sales vendors, and if there is more than the 50, same rules apply to the second event. I have seen though that more direct sales are interested, so I am adapting to the circumstances.

Once invited to the event, then each vendor, if they don't have one will need to set up a Free account to access the event, then they can set up their page, and start notification to people that they are up and running.

It will be up to the vendors to get the word out, the more that talk about it , hopefully will result in some good traffic. When people do their pages, if they have an outside site to link to, they will have to post the link.

Since there will hopefully be a variety, I hope it will help each of our businesses out, and if we are successful this year, I may consider turning it into a seasonal or annual event.

If you would be interested, please let me know. If you know someone who would be interested let me know.

The vendors pay the fee once they get a paypal invoice from me, and they do their payment via paypal, they will receive an email from me with the link to the event and educational links that will get you started.

 I pay virtual celebration the fee.

Half of the vendor fees collected will go to a local charity here in Tahlequah.(The donation to charity will come out of my commission from Virtual Celebration that I receive as an event planner.)

I also have 3 more waiting list going for potential events later down the road. If you want to be added let me know. I am still working out the details on them.

Here is a list of the vendors I am still looking for:

As most of you know, I am hosting an online bazaar currently through Virtual Celebration, where I am a Virtual Event Planner. I still have spots open in the following areas if any one would be interested:
(I am also planning 3more events for direct sales and handmade vendors yes I am looking for handmade vendors in addition to direct sales for the other three events.), and I have a waiting lists going.

In parentheses you will see a number, it will tell you how many reps I am looking for the 4 events combined.If you are interested, drop me a line, I will forward the necessary information to you for your review.

If you want to be put on the waiting list , you must also let me know, when you drop me a line. When you drop me a line, I will forward you the information to review on the event, and if you have questions, you need to address them in your response :

Need 4 More of the Following Vendors: (The 4 includes the present event, and the 3 wait list)

Close to My Heart
Daisy Blue Naturals
Mark-A Division of Avon
3000 BC
Princess House
NYR Organic
Running Blynd
Lia Sophia
Vault Denim
Rodan and Fields Dermatologists
Temptation Parties
Inspired Wire Designs
Lindt Chocolate RSVP
Organo Gold Coffee
Usborne Books
Cookie Lee
Initials Inc
Passion Parties
La Bella Baskets
Jockey Person to Person
Red Door Candle Co.
My Paper Pinwheel
Simply Said Designs
Chocolate by J&C
Alex + Von
Country Gourmet Home
Jordan Essentials
Barefoot Books
Tomboy Tools
Perfectly Posh
Celebrating Home
Signature Homestyles
Liberty Lady Designs
Silpada Jewelry
Clever Container
Slumber Parties
Pink Papaya
Do You Bake
Jewel Kade
Creative Memories
Uppercase Living
Park Lane
Votre Vu
The Gourmet Cupboard
Sassy Satchels
Send the Cards
Triangle of Life
Discovery Toys
Stella & Dot
My Fitness For Life
Classy Gems
Juice Plus
So Chic Boutique
Shelf Reliance
Pure Romance
Beijo Bags
Simply Fun
For Your Pleasure
Passionately You
KD Cloth
At Home America
Nerium International
For Ever Living
A Chocolatiers love for chocolate
Diva Girl Parties & Diva Girl Flip Flops
Lemon Grass Spa
Magical Creations
Cloud 9
Intimate Expressions
Guy & Eva Jewelry
K & K Designs
Blessing Unlimited
FM Cosmetics
Vintage Couture Inc
Lilla Rose
Allie Cat Jewelry
Lupine Ridge Botanicals
Julina Designs
Scent-sations/Mia Bella
Jasper & Jade Jewelry
For Every Home
Bandals Babes
Willow House
One Sole Shoes
Just Jewelry
Stamp It Up
JuJu Belle
Viral Print
Cutie Patooties
Fibi & Clo
Eclipse Candle Co.
Need 3 More :
Damsel in Defense
Need 2 More:
Origami Owl
Need One More :
It Works
Jamberry Nails
Thirty One
Pink Zebra
 Thank You for this brief soapbox moment for this month. Now I will be getting back to posting about stuff I do in my kitchen as I prepare for the Great State Fair of Oklahoma  competitions I have entered. I will also post anything I test out of the many cookbooks I have in my kitchen. 

So, stay tuned for more......

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Rain, and Gigantic Pancakes, Oh My !

Yes! It is finally raining here after a streak of over a hundred for awhile. Since it is raining, I thought I would get in the kitchen and try something out of the cookbook pictured above, that my mother in law got for me for Mother's Day.   The book is "Quick and Easy Family Baking- Cakes, Cookies, Pies &Breads, that Anyone Can Bake. " I have to say this book is so far holding to its word. 

 The recipe I decided to test out on the hubby this time was the "German Gigantic Pancake" on page 8. 

Here is the recipe that I speak of :

1/2 c flour
3 eggs, slightly beaten
1/2 c milk
2 tablespoons butter, melted
Powdered Sugar
Maple Syrup

Preheat oven to 425 degrees
Beat flour and eggs in bowl. Stir in remaining ingredients and 1/4 teaspoon salt.
Pour into sprayed 9-inch pie pan. Bake for 20 minutes. Pancake will puff into big bubbles while baking.
Cut into wedges and dust with powdered sugar. Serve with melted butter and maple syrup. Serves 3 to 4.

When I did this recipe in my home I did a three modifications to the recipe to fit what I had. 

The first of the modifications was I added what I had left of some frozen peaches, after I cut them up while frozen. I threw them in to finish the bag off.  I also used an extra egg since I had four and did not want it to go to waste.

The second of the modifications is that I used Lactose Free Milk, and it came out great. Which was even a surprise to me. But you could not tell the difference in the end product, which is great, so it can satisfy everyone's sweet tooth. 

So, enjoy this recipe, more will follow. Who knows what I will test on the hubby, friends, or family next.    As the fair draws near you will see what I come up with for competition, up to the turn in time. Keep your eyes peeled, More Fun to Come......To be Continued.......