Thursday, March 28, 2013

Back to the Blog -Day 2

As part of getting back to blogging with some encouragement from the Better Women's Network.

Today's topic to be addressed is :

About making this entry like a story or somthing you can share about your life. An encouraging word, a funny story, or a lovely experience. Think about it showing a part of your persoanlity to your reader. Don't worry too much about it being "perfect". Just be honest and be yourself.

With that in mind here is a little about me.

If you are new to this blog, I currently live in Tahlequah, OK with my husband of (14 years this December,  and together 22 years this April.) and our four dogs; our german shepherd mix Cupid, our border collie mix Oreo, our keeshond mix Jackson Andrew, and our bulldog mix Lucky. We are birthparents to a beautiful soon to be 8 year old girl, and a handsome soon to be 4 year old boy.

My husband is a computer technician for the city, and I have multiple businesses I do from home. I sold Avon for 5 years at one point, but my current businesses include the following:

2009 I came on to Taste of Gourmet as an Independent Taste of Gourmet Consultant for the Tahlequah, OK area. I started with them because I enjoy cooking, socializing with my community, and teaching others to cook.

2010 I started with as an examiner. I currently write under three titles. I am the Tahlequah Event Photography Examiner, Tulsa Event Photography Examiner, and the Tulsa Food Examiner. I cover local events, and write about obscure holidays that have food connections, on occasion I share my own recipes I come up with when I work out my receipes for fair competition.(where I have been in the top 10 since 2006.)

2012 I came on to as a virtual event planner, and that summer I took on curating an online boutique through kitsylane and named it Nannerbugs.

With being a virtual event planner, I help people plan online events, so that if someone they invite to the physical event can not make it, they can still join in by logging into the VirtualCelebration platform, and making a page to create how they want. It basically gives you the control on who you invite to your event, or celebration. You won't have anyone there you don't want, only the ones you do.( Currently have a special of getting your event up for 3 months for $19.99 or one year for $50.)

With having the online boutique Nannerbugs( by the way is what my cousin Susan called me growing up.So that is how the name came about.) I get to set it up the way I see fit, and have the chance to curate my store selection from what Kitsylane offers in their stock they provide. I really do enjoy this. But everyday, I pray that I get sales made. Right now I have a goal, that I personally set of $5900.( which will increase next month if the gal is not met.) The only thing people need to do to have access, is to register their information with my page, and they will have access to savings up to 60% off on new and upcoming designers in the fashion industry.

You can find my taste of gourmet consultant page at :

You can find me at: , just look for Nannette Morrison

You can contact me through my facebook fanpage for virtualcelebration at: , or contact me by email at

You can find my online boutique Nannerbugs at:

I am also active in my community volunteering where I can. I am also active in my local UMW unit at my church. I take care of one home, one husband, 4 dogs,etc... So, people have asked me " What don't you do?" The answer is I do plenty, but some is appreciated by recepients, others not so much. But I just chug along like the little engine that could, "I think I can, I think I can, I KNOW I CAN! I also have a couple online events going until the end of the month: ( this event actually goes a bit longer- it has 10 days and some change left on it. The goal is 1000 shirts before it will ever get made, so I can use all the help I can get on this.) Please pass the word on both events, I would appreciate it.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment, and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Keep it G please, any question deemed unsuitable or too personal will not be answered. So please word your questions carefully.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A great resource for the Work at Home....

Two of the loves in my life: My husband of 14 years this December (and 22 years together this April), and one of our 4 dogs, our Bulldog mix Lucky.(Yes I took the picture, I am a photography geek.)

Honestly how I came across the resource I could not tell you how. But I am grateful I did.  The Better Women's Network, is teaching me somethings I did not know, but this network of women is also helping me enhance the skills I already use on a regular basis.

You can check them out at Better Women's Network . I got a chance to join while the membership was free, and I am glad I did. I now have the chance to start working my way through the videos, tasks, etc.... 

One of the questions I have been posed with to answer is, " Why were you looking for an opportunity to make money online?  The second is: How did you find the Better Women's Network? The third question is: Who introduced you? Finally, What attracted you to it?

Well, let's look at the first question: Why were looking for an opportunity to make money online?

Answer: The only reason I went to working online/ at home is to be able to contribute to my household, while I look for a steady position in the community in which I reside.

I started way back in 2000 selling Avon and I sold that with very little success, and support from my inner circle.

Then in 2009, I started with Taste of Gourmet, out of Indianola, MS, as an Independent Taste of Gourmet Consultant.( - is my consultant page). I have been with them for 4 years now. I started doing this because I love to cook, and getting to know my community. 

In 2010, I then took on the position of local examiner for, and I now have 3 titles I write under: Tahlequah Event Photography Examiner, Tulsa Event Photography Examiner, Tulsa Food Examiner. I just celebrated my 3rd anniversary with them. I try to write about local events,obscure holidays, and share my recipes on occasion.

 In 2012, I took on an online boutique in the summer, through , called Nannerbugs. I curate from the stock Kitsylane carries, to put in my online boutique. I try to get the most affordable pieces curated for the storefront. ( You can find my boutique at

I also came on with as a virtual event planner, after attending some events as a guest. I help people plan online events, as not to leave anyone out of the event or celebration. All us have heard this phrase when we invite someone to an event " I am sorry , but I can't make it". Well, I help do away with that by helping you put together an online event, so no matter where your guest is on earth, they can login and participate by putting together a page, and partaking in the widgets once you invite them. You can always drop me a line at to learn more, or if you have an interest in becoming a a planner, I can also help you with that. 

To top things off, I have two places I sell my photographic work. On redbubble ( I have this site to be able to help a family member with her daughter's travel and medical expenses, since she has care across 4 states I believe. The second site is through cafepress ( to help my sorority through their transition and re-organization time. 

The second question is: How did you find the Better Women's Network?

The honest answer is I really don't know? I believe it was through facebook. It was more like it found me.

The third question is: Who introduced you?

No one really introduced me, like I said, it was more of it found me.

The final question is: What attracted you to it?

What attracted me to this is that it is women helping women. You are not pressured it to promoting anything, and the membership is free. I can say from experience, these women really do want to see you succeed and help you to get there. They will even get on Skype with you , if you need them to.(Lol. Pam, we know how that goes, don't we ;) ) At any point you do have the option to partake in either Global NPN or Empower Network, to which the Better Women's Network participates with. (But you do not have to, you can stay free, knowing you have a support to help you along your journey.

So, if you have the time look them up on facebook , or you can check out their website at .

I have been challenged to invite 10 women a day to check out the Better Women's Network, so if you are interested you can find my affiliate link in the  blue highlighted " Better Women's Network" above.  I hope you will take time to stop by and check it out.

Have a great evening, and I will see you tomorrow.