Monday, July 8, 2013

Gambinos Pizza Review for July 7th, 2013 Visit!

Let me preface this, I will not be going back anytime soon... nor will my family or friends.....

The Gambinos Pizza in Gore,OK has decently digestible food, but the customer service skills of the staff is sorely lacking on all fronts, and the restaurant could qualify for Restaurant Impossible's make over, when it comes to the decor inside.

On this past July 7th, I went to visit my inlaws with my husband,because they were having computer issues. As dinner time drew closer, different places were being batted around for dinner options. It was mentioned Gambinos might be an option. Since 2 of the 4 of us had not been to Gambinos, it was decided to try it. We all figured what we wanted, the order was called in, and we waited a bit before heading to pick it up.

After a bit of a wait, we then headed out to the restaurant to go pick up our order to take home for consumption for dinner.

But upon our arrival to pick up the order, we were not greeted by any staff at the counter initially. When someone finally did greet us, it was only because the cook saw us enter and approach the counter through the small service, pass through window.

Once the cook recognized we were there, a young lady came out, she was told we were there to pick up our order. She went back to the kitchen to get the ticket and had to use a menu to ring up the order of a deluxe spaghetti, 2 lasagna's, and a Spicy Pepperoni Sandwich.

The young lady gave off the distinct attitude and aura of not wanting to be there. She had no smile what so ever, or polite greeting for us.

When the order was done, she came out and sat the order stacked up on the counter, and took another order over the phone, before returning to the kitchen, without checking on waiting guests in the lobby of the restaurant.

We picked up the order off the counter and, left the establishment to head home. Upon getting the food home and figuring out the unmarked containers to see who's was who's, the majority agreed it was better than expected, the lasagna had to much sauce and needed more body, and the sandwich could blow your ears clean off your skull.

The fact that we were not greeted, and when were the young lady had no smile or greeting, makes my party not want to go back for a repeat visit. If the staff would remember the customer is number one, they could do better, and soar beyond the moon.

So, if you are looking for that "just digestible meal with a staff with no customer service skills" then Gambinos is the stop for you.

But if you are looking for a totally different experience try one of the other few restaurants in Gore.(I hear the tea room is excellent.)