Saturday, November 23, 2013

If you are looking for an affordable way to surprise the special lady in your life, try this...

Husbands,Brothers, Boyfriends listen up!

This would make a great gift for your girlfriend, mother, aunt, wife, mistress, or daughter, etc...

I recently had the chance to go to a local shop here in Tahlequah called Everything Under The Sun.(and believe me they live up to the name.)

I had been eying the new bead line they have started to carry.

For the longest time I thought the pricing would be out of my reach. Well I went in last week to look, as I was running errands downtown, and I found out the line is called Davinci Beads, and they are extremely affordable. 

So I did something for myself, and for those that know me it is a rarity I do. I started building my dream bracelet.

For the beginning of my bracelet I included a January Boy charm, two September girl charms, one June girl charm, one November boy charm, one August boy charm, 2 white puppy paw beads, 2 silver puppy paw beads, one angel charm, and one Christmas tree charm.

I am looking to add more charms and beads as time goes along.

Here is a pic of what  I have started with:

With this bracelet I am beginning to tell a story, and as I add more charms the story will grow. That is one of the things you can do with your bracelet. Or if you just want to put a fun one together also, that would be great.

The crew at Everything Under the Sun is there to help you, and make your dream a reality. The young lady that helped me to begin this journey is named Timber. (Thanks again Timber.)

You really can not beat the pricing it is extremely affordable, and so there is not a reason you can not afford to surprise the special lady in your life with something beautiful this holiday season.

(So, may you have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family, and your friends. Also during this season, remember to shop local with some great mom and pop establishments, and direct sales consultants, it helps to keep your dollars in your community, and what you find can be just as much fun as what you find in a chain store.)