Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Powerstrips Days 3 & 4, February 4th and 5th, 2014.....

Days 3&4 . For this test of the power strips, I had my husband put it square in the middle of my back.

Square in the middle of my back is another problematic spot for pain for me. 

After I had my kids I ended up with what I call a permanent hot spot from where they stuck the needle to deaden me for my c-sections. 

Hopefully this will help to relax this part and lessen the tinges I get every now and then.

Once again it came off in one fell swoop, but soaked with sweat once again, but I have come to expect that. 

Here are the pics from days 3 and 4: (Remember this is square in the middle of the back for this test.)

I have to say, this has really worked wonders on my hot spot area in the smack middle of my back. I have not had the tinges near as bad , if at all over the past two days.

We will see what days 5 and 6 will bring tomorrow....

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