Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Zeal Test Day 3, February 12, 2014...

Weight : 235.2

Flavor Tried: 1 scoop vanilla shake mix, with lactose free 2% milk

Not bad to kick off my morning.

Please take into account for the weight, of delivering valentines until 2pm, getting up and down out of the car and walking around. Also picking up lunch late and it being a frito chili pie and pickle-Os with ranch and one granola bar(in the morning) and krispie treat(at lunch). Dinner was hamburger helper. (So a bit of stress eating for lunch did not help.)

I have been getting my water in though, so that helps. And as much house work and doggie detail of letting them in and out as I do, it can qualify for exercise, lol :) . You do what you can do, when you do not drive.

Making the shake with the lactose free milk, actually is great, because it does not tear up my tummy as bad, and is still yummy to down. 

Here are the pics from day 3. As stated previously what you see is what you get:

The Zombie walks again folks. ;)

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