Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Zeal Test Day 2, February 11,2014

Weight 233.2

Flavor tried-Bold Grape.

Had to make the grape the night before because I had to hit the ground running.

The flavor is not bad with the Bold Grape, not used to having anything that strong. The only thing I could probably equate it to would be a straight up grape soda out of the fridge. Man did it have a kick! It gave me a nice boost to my morning, which was good since I needed it royally.

Here are the pictures for day 2, remember what you see is what you get, no punches pulled here:

As frightening as it is this is what I look like in the morning after weighing in on my scale.

This is what I looked liked after getting ready to head out valentine caroling, not near as scary.

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