Saturday, February 1, 2014

Treskin Rx Final Day 14, February 1st, 2014....

I went ahead and I am posting this last posting on time, as I will be doing my examiner review on this product line tomorrow.

After 14 days, My skin with guidance from Wendy Webb- Treskin RX Launch Manager, has really started to feel better again, and I enjoy the fact that there is less oil to contend with since using the oily skin line of this product. (And for those of you that know me, I have some oily skin, and have for years.)

This line really has been a little god send in a test size. I plan to continue to use it until it runs out. Once you get past the smell of the blemish cream, it is not so bad.

(When I started this test 14 days ago, I started out with the normal line, and then switched over to the oil skin line and got better results. The night cream in the normal line, the scent brought back the smell of cold cream, that I used to use to remove clown make up when I was a clown minister at my church, or stage make up from when I used to be in the community theatre in KY when I was little.  The texture on it was so smooth and not pasty, which made it is to apply. )

Once again the pictures maybe out of order, but it has always been what you see is what you get.

Over all, this product line, once the right combination is found can be very beneficial when done in the correct sequence. 

Here are the pictures from the final round:

Thanks again to Wendy Webb Treskin RX Launch Manager, for contributing this product line for testing on my blog. You can find Wendy's website at: , to learn more about the product line, and how it may benefit you.

Wendy has let me know that you can purchase the 2 week trial from her site noted above for $14.99(button is at the bottom of  her website home page.) Let her know, Nannette sent you.

(*Wendy is a great person to work with, she helps to find the correct combination, and keeps up with you along the way. )

Here are a couple of pics from the beginning and the end:

Day One

Day 14

Well tomorrow begins the Powerstrips test for this blog, and it will go until February 9th. So keep your eyes peeled for that.

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