Sunday, February 23, 2014

The latest Recipe Romp in the kitchen....

Actually took me down memory lane last night.

I had a member of my local UMW unit ask me to make some krispy treats, for an event at church today.

So I made a trip to the store last week, and picked up some margarine, rice crisp cereal, and marshmallow bites, that looked like ice cream cones and they were chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla flavored all in the same bag.

I always look for the seasonal marshmallows. I have done some with pumpkin spice marshmallows, gingerbread marshmallows, french vanilla marshmallows. And as I make them, I will post the results as they go. It may be on one of my other blogs, but it will get posted. So, I will keep you posted through my FB page on which blog it is on.

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I started with them couple years ago, with some encouragement from a facebook friend.

It did not cost me any start up income, I got to set it up for free. I have had people ask me how I came up with the name, and the name came about from what my cousin Susan called me when I was little, and it just seem to fit, the name was just unique enough for people to remember.

I have had people say it was cute, and it is, but most of all it is memorable.

A couple years later, I have had some sales, but I am looking for more, as everyone does. Earlier,  I had the chance to pick up some display pieces to take to shows and they include the following:( when I get more I will post again the pictures of what I picked.)

this is a headband with gold crystals and it is very well weighted.

The last picture is borrowed from the kitsylane website, since those particular earrings did not show up until later.

I will have the chance to add to my display collection as I go, but I wanted to show you what I got. All of my display pieces are always for sale.

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Apple Blossom Naturals Coconut Lotion Bar Day 7, February 22nd, 2014

The last day of the Coconut Lotion Bar test brings a test for the neckline and both arms and shoulders again.

This winter weather has been unforgiving this year, and this coconut lotion bar is a welcome savior, adding plenty of moisture back into my skin.

There is also the added bonus of adding some major softness that I have not felt in years.

Here are the pictures for the final day:

It has been fun testing this coconut lotion bar, and having the added moisture back, the softness back. I can safely say if you are a coconut fan you will enjoy this lotion bar royally. The next test is the Apple Blossom Naturals Lime Lotion Bar, so stay tuned....  To order this lotion bar or to learn more about Apple Blossom Naturals and their products, stop by my consultant site at:

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Plexus Slim Day 7, February 22nd, 2014

Weight: 233.6

After seven days on Plexus Slim and the accelerator, I have to honestly say I have seen progress with weight loss.

This seems to be something I could possibly work into my life style, but right now it is very cost prohibitive for me.

The taste is actually pleasant(Reminds me of a flat raspberry lemonade, which I can handle), and if you can afford the cost, it will be a great asset in your weight loss journey.

The hardest part for me was remembering to keep up with my water on a regular basis, while out and about. But being at home, it was easier to keep track. With as funky as my week was, it really was a challenge for me to keep up, but I did it.

Here is the picture from Day One  and Day Seven of the journey:

Weight 235.2
 Weight 233.6
 Examiner review to follow on my examiner page tomorrow.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Plexus Slim Test Day Two, February 17th, 2014....

Weight 234.2

Seeing baby step of progress, and yes this is what I look like first thing in the morning, once again, what you see is what you get. Pictured also is the tube of plexus and accelerator capsule, and the finished shaken up product.

Apple Blossom Naturals Coconut Lotion Bar Day 6, February 21st, 2014

Day 6 brings on the left arm test again. As I mentioned with day 5, the winds have been on the high side over the last few days, and have been skin un-friendly.

Dry skin does not do a girl good, it makes her crazy.

Once again the moisture is added back and arm is still drying out.

Here are some pics from Day 6, they are not the best, but what you see is what you get:

People who enjoy coconut as mentioned before in other postings will be a great fan of this. Please take the time to stop by my site at : and place your order for this product or one of the many others that Apple Blossom offers.

Apple Blossom Naturals Coconut Lotion Bar Test Day Five, February 20th,2014

Day five brings another test on the right leg again. I am still fighting the winter dryness like you would not believe.

With high winds over the last couple of days here in Oklahoma, it tends to dry you out royally. So back to the lotion bar for some more re-hydration. Boy howdy does it work!

Here are a couple of pics from Day 5:

Not the best pics in the world, but you can see before and after application. This bar really has plenty of moisture to impart, which is great, especially in the winter months.

Apple Blossom Naturals Coconut Lotion Bar Test Day Four,February 19th, 2014

Day Four brings us adding moisture back to the right arm with the coconut lotion bar. As with all of of the testing moisture was successfully added back, along with added softness, which is a bonus. Compared to before starting this test my skin was dryer than a dryer sheet. The added moisture is welcome.

Here are the pictures from Day Four:

Apple Blossom Naturals Coconut Lotion Bar Day, February 18th,2014

The 3rd Day, brings moisture back to my left arm, shoulder, and hand. As with the legs this lotion bar has quite a bit of oil, and I can say this lotion bar has a water proof component. When I tried to wash my hands after application, water rolled off like nobodies business, which sort of surprised me.

But here are  the pictures from Day 3:

 If you are a coconut fan, then you are definitely going to love this product for sure. Do not forget to stop by my site at: .

Plexus Slim Day 6, February 21st, 2014

Weight: 234

I am starting to see a small difference with Plexus and their accelerator. I have had gradual energy added back during this week, and I have not been snacking near as much as I have been before. I have also been able to get my water in like I should which is good. We will see what the last day brings, onto Day 7!

Plexus Slim Test Day 5, February 20th, 2014

Weight : 234.6

As with all the testing I have done I closely monitor my weight on a daily basis. Plexus though my weight has gone up and down, I have seen results during the test for the blog. In the end this is a real contender to be a possibility for me, being lactose free and soy free. It is something that can definitely work into my daily routine. We will see what Day 6 brings. These last few days will prove to be interesting.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Apple Blossom Naturals Coconut Lotion Bar Day Two, February 17th, 2014...

Apple Blossom Naturals coconut lotion bar test day two.

Second 7th used.

Definitely has put moisture back into the left leg, ankle, heel and foot.

Influenster J'Adore Vox Box Finally Arrives...

The postman tried to deliver the box yesterday, but it would not fit in our mail box, so I had to go pick it up on my hubby's lunch hour this afternoon.

I was so glad to get it today, it looked to be in great shape  when I got it.

But when I got it home and opened  it I was surprised to find a big ol' slit in the family bag of milk chocolate Hershey's Kisses, which did not thrill me one bit, it looked liked it had been made with a pair of scissors or a knife.

So I can not in good conscience go near those, because I have no idea how they are. (That makes me sad, because I was looking forward to cooking with them in my kitchen and coming up with some new recipes with them.

I was surprised also to see  the fake lashes in there. I have never seen a pair in my life, and have no knowledge of how to use them properly/safely.

I am looking forward to trying the Frizz stuff from John Frieda though,face mask and the tea (most of all.)

Here are some pictures of my box I got today:

Plexus Slim Day 4, February 19th, 2014...

Weight: 235

Day 4 Plexus Slim

Weight is due to an eating set back  and salt intake yesterday. Back on track today though. We all have those days, we are human.

Here is today's picture: ( no shorts, was a bit chilly , when woke up, so sleep pants came out today.)

 4 days in, and I am looking at this as a real possibility to continue with. But I will not make my final decision for awhile. But it is in the running.

Plexus Slim Test Day Three, February 18th, 2014

As I mentioned before , weight loss is done in baby steps, whether it be water weight or other wise.

Weight: 233.8

Here are pictures from Day 3:

Plexus Slim Testing Day One, February 16th, 2014...

Once again, I am putting myself out there and trying a different supplement for weight loss. This time I am trying Plexus Slim with their accelerator capsule, that is part of their 7 day trial packet . They call Plexus Slim, (The Pink Drink.It definitely is pink, but a nice rosy pink, which is good.)

The consultant that sent me this sample is a friend of mine, her name is Misty Caplinger. (you can find her site at: and her ambassador number is 204545. )

Misty wanted to share what drew her to Plexus Slim, and here is what she has let me know:

What drew me to this product is the fact that its all natural and tastes good. Plus there are so many other health benefits like, decrease in migraines, a decrease in pain, and it has pulled me out of depression! 

Here is another bit of information:
If anyone loves this product I would recommend joining as an ambassador. The annual fee is 34.95 but you save a TON of money plus if your order is 100-499.99 you make a 15% commission and if $500 or more 25% commission. 

(This is me talking now: 
 As with all my weight loss endeavors, it takes a lot to put myself out there like this, but I am hoping with sharing my experience with you, that it might inspire you a bit. Always remember with any posted pictures on this blog, what you see is what you get. )

Here are the pictures from Day One: 

Starting weight: 235.2

Took accelerator and one tube of plexus slim this morning with a waffles for breakfast. Tasted like a flat raspberry lemonade so not bad.